The Margaret and Neil Barfield Honorary Endowment

Margaret and Neil Barfield Honorary Endowment

The Marietta Schools Foundation is celebrating its 35th anniversary.  In honor of this occasion The Marietta Schools Foundation is establishing an endowment to honor Margaret and Neil Barfield for their decades of work at the Foundation supporting The Marietta City Schools.  The Barfield’s good friends, J. Phillip Gingrey M.D., and George Buddy Darden will serve as Ambassadors of this appeal.  

The Margaret and Neil Barfield Honorary Endowment will create a teacher tuition reimbursement program for Marietta City Schools, the first ever for MCS.  The Marietta City Schools teachers place education as a number one priority and it shows in the effort they put towards continuing education.  By establishing a Tuition and Expense Reimbursement Program with The Margaret and Neil Barfield Honorary Endowment the MSF helps the district in its efforts to attract, develop, and retain the very best teachers for our schools.

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