MHS Wrestling Team is on the Move!

The Marietta Schools Foundation was honored to help support the MHS Wrestling Team this summer to attend the 2016 Edinboro World class Wrestling Camps in Edinboro, PA, which was held June 26 – June 28. The “Take Down and Turn” camps focused completely on the takedown and turn techniques and skills needed in the upcoming season. The camp was also an excellent bonding experience for the team to get to know each other better.

The funds used for the camp were contributions made to the David Israel Endowmenthere at The Marietta Schools Foundation. David Israel passed away in 1988 during his senior year at MHS. His parents Phil & Faye established the David Israel Memorial Fund to support the wrestling programs at MHS. This endowment is one of several endowments used to support different programs currently involving many of our high school students. You can also help support those students by making a contribution to the David Israel Memorial Fund or any other fund you see that would be fitting on our web site located at Click on the drop down menu and there are many endowments to choose from.

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