MSF Purchases 50 Graph Calculators for MHS Math Dept

Marietta Schools Foundation was happy to purchase 50 graph calculators for Mrs. Marie Sherbondy’s Math Department, making it somewhat easier to work thru the everyday math studies.

Robert FullerThe funding for the calculators was made possible from The Robert A. Fuller Math Endowment, managed by the Foundation.  Dr. Brenda Marino Fuller established the Robert A. Fuller Math Endowment, in memory of her husband.  Mr. Fuller was a math teacher at MHS who died in October 2006. He was an outstanding mathematician and teacher and love to encourage his students.

Do you remember Robert Fuller? If so please consider making a tax deductible donation to his endowment or any of the other 20 endowments listed on our Donation page.  Please click the DONATE button to “Make a Difference”!


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