Founded in 1983, the Marietta Schools Foundation established the Marietta High School Alumni Society and appointed the first slate of officers. The Alumni Society provides a comprehensive array of programs, events and services to serve alumni and keep them in touch, informed, involved and invested in their Alma Mater.  With a constituency of over 18,000 graduates throughout Georgia and around the globe, the Alumni Society strives to strengthen the lifelong bond between the MSF, the Community and its MHS Alumni.  You are among thousands of alumni who have achieved personal and professional success thanks to your education at Marietta High School.  The importance of keeping in touch those of us who graduated from Marietta through newsletters and occasional social gatherings is paramount to the success of the organization.

The Marietta High School Alumni Society is a non-profit organization of the Marietta Schools Foundation and all earnings are paid out to benefit your Alma Mata.  The pledge you make to join the Alumni Society will contribute to these funds and make a huge difference to our teachers and students.  The Alumni Society also provides a wide range of services, such as a free subscription to our annual newsletter, support for class reunions and alumni volunteer opportunities for alumni events and activities.

You can “Get Involved” with your high school Alumni very easily.  100% of your contribution stays within the school system.  The Alumni has 5 levels of Annual Giving:

  • Elementary – $15
  • Freshman – $25
  • Junior – $50
  • Sophomore – $75
  • Senior – $100

Please take this opportunity and make a difference to your high school and your community and select one of the above levels.  The Donate key has been added to the website for your convenience of making your contribution to the Alumni.  We are looking forward to a very exciting year ahead and would love to have you as a member to share those exciting times with us.