The scholarship submission window for the 2023-2024 school year will open January 3rd and close March 1st. 

2024 Scholarship Application – Applications due March 1, 2024


This fund has been established by the Cobb County Bar Association and the Cobb County Legal Secretaries Association in memory of Alexis Grubbs who was a rising senior at Marietta High School, when she was killed in an automobile accident on July 28, 1998.

This scholarship shall be awarded to students at Marietta High School or the Performance Learning Center who intend to pursue a career in some aspect of law or related legal field. The criteria for the award shall be the description of Alexis made by Otis Brumby, Jr., in his letter of July 30, 1998.  These students shall be bright, compassionate, wholesome, respectful, courteous, unselfish, family oriented and focused.

The scholarships are payable at the discretion of the scholarship committee.  The students shall maintain a 2.5 GPA and attend school carrying a full load, for two semesters or three quarters each year. The committee may, in its discretion, award additional scholarships for students at technical institutes or other institutions of higher learning for shorter periods of time.  It shall be awarded at the Cobb County Bar Association Awards Ceremony held each year on approximately May 1st and a certificate of recognition shall be presented on Honors Night at Marietta High School. The funds shall be payable jointly to the educational institution and the scholarship recipient and forwarded directly to the educational institution. The payments shall be made on a semi annual basis at the beginning of each semester, or three equal payments at the beginning of each quarter, depending on the school.

This Scholarship shall be managed and awarded by a committee of the following:

1) Two Members of the Cobb Bar Association  – President of the Cobb Bar and Rex Ruff.
2) Two Members of the Cobb County Legal Professionals Association  – Babe Atkins-Byrne and Kimberly Carroll.
3) Two Members of the Marietta High School staff including one from the Social Studies Department – Ron Brookins.
4) One member of the Marietta High School Cheerleading staff – Vanessa James.
5) Up to two members of the family to be selected by Adele Grubbs – Adele Grubbs and Dinah Grubbs Bonesteel.
6) One member of the Marietta Schools Foundation – Joe Kinstle.
7) One Member of Marietta Middle School – Robert Meaders.

These committee members shall be selected by the entity they represent.

This memorial scholarship fund shall be held under the Marietta Schools Foundation and invested by them. The members of the committee overseeing this scholarship shall be provided with regular financial reports of principal and interest by the Marietta Schools Foundation.

The form of the Application for the Scholarship shall be determined by the committee and provided to the Guidance office and the office of the Associate Principal for Curriculum. The students shall return the applications to the office of the Associate Principal for Curriculum who shall provide the actual applications to the committee.  The selection of the recipient/recipients shall be made solely by the committee.

To date, the Alexis Grubbs Memorial Scholarship has awarded over $500,000 to 92 graduates of Marietta High School.


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