MC Schools Interior Panel 1

Historic Lemon Street Grammar School


A school located on Lemon Street in Marietta is an important part of Black history. This school is where African American children attended school in Marietta before integration.  The original Lemon Street Grammar School was built in 1894. A new building was built in 1951. The school was closed to students about 20 years later. Marietta City Schools began using the building for storage.

Marietta City Schools was committed to restoring the elementary school recognizing its historical significance to the Black community in Marietta. In February 2021, the building reopened its doors to educate students. This will be the home of the Marietta Performance Learning Center. Past students see the Lemon Street school as an important part of Marietta’s Black history. It’s a tribute to students, teachers, staff members and the community.

The Marietta Schools Foundation is proud to be a sponsor of the historical significance of this building by fully funding the design and creation of historic markers outside and inside the building.  These markers, 4 outdoor and 3 indoor, is a project of Marietta City Schools, developed by the Department of Museums, Archives and Rare Books at Kennesaw State University and funded through the generosity of the Marietta Schools Foundation.  Each marker tells a story of the rich history of the Lemon Street School System in its journey before, during, and after integration.

Marietta City Schools dedication to the transformation and restoration of this piece of history allows future generations to relish its significance now that it has been preserved for many more to make memories in upcoming years.