The Marietta Schools Foundation Celebrates 40 years of Devotion and Passion

2023 is an auspicious milestone for The Marietta Schools Foundation. In 1983 Superintendent Dr. Roy Nichols, Jr.       
asked Neil Barfield and Beverly McAfee if they would put together a private school foundation to support a public
school district. Being longstanding and renowned Blue Devils going back to the late 1950s, Neil and Beverly didn’t hesitate to answer the district’s call for support.

And now, 40 years down the road, it’s impossible to calculate the number of lives touched by the devotion and passion of Neil and Beverly and by the
many others who serve and have served on our board and lent a tireless hand in our efforts.

And then comes steadfast supports like YOU who continuously  support that dream with your generous donations and generosity that touches countless lives! Community members who, nearly 40 years ago with the founding of The Marietta Schools Foundation, prioritized kids they didn’t even know!

As we embark upon our next decade’s march to our Golden Anniversary, there is a renewed energy and spirit here at the Marietta Schools Foundation. Your generosity makes all the difference in our students’ lives and our school district’s vibrancy.

Thank you in advance for being a part of our exciting future! And please continue to support the next generation of our kids with your 2023
contribution! Join us once again as we work together to ensure no student graduates in ignorance of their ability to achieve great success!